Simplify your business processes

Reduce errors and focus on delivering results with custom-developed software applications.

Why a custom software is a life-saver.

Software that is tailored to your business workflows, needs, and desires.

A customer software understands and precisely handles your business needs and workflows so you can focus on other important things.

Save time by reducing manual work so you can focus on doing business.

With a good custom, purpose-built software stack, you can reduce time dramatically, and then focus more on doing business.

Reduce errors and paper trail for maximum productivity.

With a custom application handling most of your business workflows, you reduce the chances of errors occurring and the paper trail.

Apps that integrate with your business and other apps.

Introducing new technology into your business shouldn’t mean the old ones have to go. With our custom development solutions, your existing apps can integrate with your new ones, reducing migration downtime and time to success.

Some frequently asked questions

How much does a typical custom software cost?

As with most other developments, custom software development costs cannot be provided without first assessing the needs and requirements of your business in detail.

How much a software development project will cost depends on the requirements and the hours of work that goes into developing it.

How long does it take to develop a custom app?

There is no standard turnaround time for development.

Each custom app is unique to the business and its requirements, which form the basis of how long it may take to develop.

Can I have cross-platform app development?


Most of our customers opt for hybrid web applications, which are basically served from a cloud instance you own. This makes it accessible from any capable device that is connected to an appropriate network.

Is support provided for custom app developments?

We generally provide up to a year of support for most app developments.

This varies with the project, and will be discussed prior to the Development Agreement being signed.

Is end-user training included with the development costs?

Generally, we provide a manual and some training to the app’s administrators. We pave the way to provide training and informational materials to the end-users.

Most of our customers include end-user training as part of the Development Agreement, in which case, we will provide that training.

Will my custom app be secure?

Yes. We place a huge emphasis and effort in ensuring data safety and security.

Apps that we develop go through rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure only a product that is safe and secure is rolled out to your end-users.