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Payment Policy

When a customer (“you”) does any form of business with Bissesar Technologies Limited (“us” or “we”), this Payment Policy (“policy”) applies. This policy will apply alongside any specific terms and conditions that form part of any specific service agreements for a service or subscription.

Payment Methods

We only accept the following payment methods for all our services and subscriptions payments:

Credit and Debit Cards

The following credit cards can be used to make one-off and recurring purchases from us:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

The following debit cards can be used to make one-off and recurring purchases from us:

  • Debit Mastercard issued in New Zealand or Australia.
  • Visa Debit Card issued in New Zealand or Australia.

If your invoice allows you to pay via a credit or debit card, the relevant option will be available to you in our invoice email and the invoice itself.

Note: EFPOS cards are not accepted for any transactions.

Credit and Debit Card Processing and Fees

Our credit and debit card transactions are processed by Stripe. When Stripe is used as a payment processing provider, your information, including your credit and/or debit card information is handled entirely by Stripe. Bissesar Technologies Limited never stores any payment information such as credit or debit card numbers and other relevant information at any time.

For all credit and debit card transactions, the following processing fees apply:

  • 2.7% of the invoiced amount and NZD 0.30 for payments made using cards that are issued in New Zealand.
  • 3.7% of the invoiced amount and NZD 0.30 for payments made using cards that are issued in any other country.

These processing fees are passed on to Stripe for their services.

Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT” or “Bank Transfer”)

We accept payments for one-off services through Electronic Funds Transfer to our business bank accounts.

Service or support subscription payments cannot be made using manual EFT. See below for appropriate payment methods for subscription payments.

Electronic Funds Transfer Processing and Fees

If you are paying via EFT from a New Zealand bank account, there are no additional fees.

If you are remitting a payment from an overseas bank account, we will charge an inward international payment fee of NZD 15.00 per transaction, which is passed on to our banks.

Direct Debit

If you have purchased a subscription service such as maintenance or support, we will set up a Direct Debit from your business bank account so payments can be made automatically when they are due.

Our Direct Debit facility is provided by GoCardless. Your information is handled in accordance with GoCardless policies, although we receive a copy of your Direct Debit Authorisation form which we file and is used to deduct your bank account for our invoices.

Direct Debit is only available to our customers located in New Zealand and may not be available to all.


For every service or subscription purchased, we will provide you with an invoice. Our invoices are processed manually for one-off purchases, and automatically for subscription services. Invoices are emailed to your email address that is provided when you register your business as a customer with us.

To maintain our commitment to caring for our environment, we will not mail out hard copies of invoices or other documentation to you.

All invoices emailed to you are considered to have been received by you at the end of the business day it is sent.

Invoice Currency

Generally, we bill our customers in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

We may bill you in a different currency if the service or subscription you have purchased requires us to do so. The currency in which your payment must be made is noted on our invoice.

Invoice Due Dates

All our invoices are due on receipt unless we have agreed in writing to an alternative arrangement and your invoice states a different due date.

If your invoice states a future due date, your payment must reach us no later than this date. If you are paying us through a payment method which is likely to take a longer time for settlement, you must send us evidence of your payment via email.

Invoice Notes

Occassionally, we may include some notes on our invoices. These notes apply to the service or subscription you are purchasing, or your project with us, and must be read.

If the notes contain any specific instructions relating to making a payment for the invoice, these must be followed.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

We are registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) in New Zealand. This means that most of our services and subscription prices will be billed with their applicable GST components. Our GST number is printed on all our invoices and quotes.

We may not charge GST on services provided to you if your business is registered overseas and services are performed on your offshore infrastructure. This depends on the tax requirements of the Inland Revenue Department in New Zealand.

Your invoice will not contain any GST components if we are not obliged to, and are not charging GST on the services we have billed you for.

International Taxes

If you are an overseas customer, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your local and other regional tax payment requirements that appy to the payments you make to us.

We will not accept liability to pay any tax to any country except New Zealand, and where a payment has been made net of taxes charged in any other country except New Zealand, we will hold the shortfall as unpaid balance, which becomes due immediately.

International Fees and Surcharges

If you are an overseas customer, you are responsible for any fees or surcharges imposed by any parties involved in the process of sending a payment to us for the services we provide.

If any international fees and surcharges are deducted from the final payment amount to us, we will hold the shortfall in payment as unpaid balance, which becomes payable immediately.

Late Payments and Non-Payment

If you fail to make a payment past its due date, the following process applies:

Payment Reminder

We will send you a reminder email about any outstanding balance within one business day of failing to receive a payment that is due.

If we do not receive a payment or further information from you within two business days of writing to you, we will send you a second reminder notification.

Services Suspension

If we still have not received a payment or made an arrangement to settle the oustanding debt, we will suspend all active services on your account until your account is settled.

We will write to you to inform you of the suspension.

Debt Collection

Failure to make a payment despite having your services suspended and notifications from us, we will pass on your debt to a debt collection agency.

When your debt is passed to a debt collection agency, the agency may add further recovery fees to the original debt amount and pursue you for immediate payment. Depending on the amount owed and how long it takes to recover the debt from you, these fees may keep adding up.

We will also report your outstanding debt to credit reporting bodies such as Equifax, Centrix, and Ilion, which may prevent you from obtaining other financial products, including access to basic utilities.

Please note that we may also engage a solicitor to recover debt from you, which will increase your original debt owed to us as legal and other recovery fees are also added on to it.

Once your account reaches a collections stage, your services will be permanently disabled. You will also not be able to purchase any further services with us in the future. If we hold any data on your managed services, these will be permanently deleted.


For all design and development services, we will require a non-refundable deposit to be paid in advance. Depending on the complexity and value of your project, the deposit amount will be between 30% to 50% of the total price of the project.

We will not commence any work until the required deposit payment is made in accordance with this policy and the Design Services Agreement or the Development Services Agreement.


Refunds will only be provided in some circumstances and when required or ordered by the New Zealand law.

We will not issue a refund in the following circumstances:

  • If you choose to withdraw your project for a change of mind.
  • If you fail to provide the requested content for your project by any agreed deadlines and wish to withdraw your project.
  • If we have already delivered your final project and it does not work as expected due to the recommended server or hosting specifications not being compatible.

There may be additional situations in which a refund will not be provided. Each refund request is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Customers in New Zealand are protected by several consumer protection laws. We encourage our New Zealand customers to learn their consumer rights under the applicable laws by visiting the link above.

Refunds Payment Method

If we are obliged to provide you with a refund, we will refund the payment method that was used to make the original payment.

If for some legitimate reason, the original payment method is no longer accessible to you, we will instead provide you an account credit of the refund amount.

Purchase Orders

Some of our customers may be able to send us Purchase Orders to place an order for a service or subscription. This way of purchasing services and subscriptions is only available to selected customers with who we have agreed in writing to allow such a method of placing orders.

Quotes and Estimates


When you order a design or development service with us, we will send out a proposal document which will include an Estimate.

An Estimate is a document that will outline the expected costs of development. It is firm for the specifications that are agreed to and form part of the proposal and the Design or Development Services Agreement.

If you choose to add or remove services of features from your application or website during its development, the expected costs will either increase or decrease. If this is likely, we will advise you in writing and you will be required to accept the new, updated Estimate before we can proceed.

If you are not happy with the changes to any Estimates, we will not be making the applicable changes to your application or software.

An Estimate is valid only until the proposal is valid, and the final billable amount is subject to you accepting this Payment Policy and all other policies relating to your purchase or subscription.


A Quote (also known as a “Quotation” in some places) is a document that outlines the exact price you will be required to pay should you place an order for the listed services or subscriptions within the Quote’s validity period.

Every Quote has an expiry date and may also have some additional conditions that must be satisfied before an order can be accepted on the Quote. If you purchase a service based on a Quote, you automatically agree to all the related and applicable policies.

Billing Schedules

Every one-off purchase must be prepaid in full before we deliver your service. If you are purchasing a design or development of a website or application, the proposal document and our Design or Development Services Agreement will list all the applicable billing schedules.

Subscription services are billed in advance for the agreed period. Payments must be made by the due dates specified on our invoices.